Water damage should never be overlooked; left untreated, flood damage can pose significant structural and health hazards, including mold growth.

Flooding can occur for many reasons, from storms to burst pipes or malfunctioning appliances. When it does, you need our professional assistance right away.

Our Professional Flood Damage Repair Services

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Our flood damage repair services in Indianapolis include water extraction, mold removal, structural drying, etc. With decades of combined experience among our technicians, we are equipped to tackle any water damage emergency quickly and professionally 24 hours a day.

Our team of professionals will have your property looking like new in no time. As a local certified and licensed IICRC disaster restoration company in town, we provide a full range of restoration and cleaning services to residential and commercial clients throughout Greater Indianapolis using state-of-the-art equipment and tried-and-true techniques for restoration to pre-loss conditions. Whether it’s just a minor leak or an entire basement flooding incident – we have you covered. All our services come with 100% satisfaction guarantees and our technicians are available on call; find out more by contacting us for a complimentary inspection and a FREE estimate today!

Residential Flood Damage Repair Indianapolis

Flood damage can lead to a range of issues such as structural and furniture destruction, rot and mold growth. It is imperative that you act quickly in order to avert these problems from occurring.

Water damage restoration is a complex process that requires the expertise of experienced professionals like us. That’s why it’s wise to hire our experts as soon as you experience flood damage.

Our professionals can extract water, dry, and dehumidify the area, clean up any sewage or biohazards, sanitize and disinfect your home, as well as restore any damaged areas.

If the flooding is due to a plumbing leak or overflow, it’s essential that you act quickly as this can help minimize the cost of repair.

In addition to calling our professionals, it is also essential to take photos and videos of all areas affected by flooding as this will help document the damages and enable your insurance adjuster to accurately determine how much loss there has been.

Commercial Flood Damage Repair Indianapolis

Flooding can impact commercial properties of any size, from a single business office to an entire building. It could be caused by leaky pipes, flooding from rain or snowfall, broken sewage backups, or overflowing appliances.

If your business has been adversely affected by flooding, you may need to hire our professionals for flood damage repair. Our experts can remove any standing water, decontaminate the area affected by contaminated water and restore your commercial property to pre-flood condition.

Once the water has been removed, our team will check humidity levels and use dehumidifiers to dry your building. Depending on how long the water was present in the area, this process could take anywhere from several days to several weeks.

Once the drying process is complete, our commercial flood damage restoration team can begin to clean and deodorize your property. These cleaning services help reduce health risks while improving the ambiance in your business environment.

Water Damage Restoration Indianapolis
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