Have you recently experienced water damage or mold growth in your home? If so, professional mold removal may be necessary. Our team offers expert remediation services in the Indianapolis metropolitan area to safely eliminate the problem and safeguard your health.

Mold can lead to respiratory issues and property damage, placing a particular risk on infants, children, and older adults.

Our Professional Mold Removal Services

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Our mold removal experts are proficient in not only eliminating visible mold, but we are also trained in the correct techniques for identifying hidden mold. By determining the source of your problem, we can offer a more precise and long-lasting solution than simply treating the symptoms.

If you suspect there may be a mold problem, it’s essential to act swiftly. Delaying treatment will only increase the damage done to both your home and your health.

We provide superior professional water and mold damage restoration services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Our experienced staff is available 24/7 and we have earned a solid reputation for helping customers get back on track after disasters.

Residential Mold Removal Indianapolis

Mold can lead to serious health complications, such as respiratory infections and asthma. Exposure can also have adverse effects on children and those with allergies.

If you suspect your home may have mold, it’s essential to contact us immediately. Doing so will prevent the problem from getting worse and spreading to other parts of your property.

Our mold removal specialists are certified to thoroughly clean up and eliminate all mold spores from your home. We use negative air machines to contain the spores, dust, and other particles as we work.

Commercial Mold Removal Indianapolis

Mold problems in commercial buildings not only present an unsightly appearance, but they can have serious health repercussions for employees and customers as well. Our professional mold removal services can reduce insurance liability and premiums, improve indoor air quality, and make your business more productive as well.

In addition to removing the mold, we’ll clean and thoroughly dry out affected areas in order to prevent its return. This step is essential in order to guarantee a dry environment for healthy indoor air.

The initial step is to identify the source of water that allowed mold to grow in your property. We’ll check for open windows, HVAC systems, and any other potential entry points where moisture could enter.

Once the source of moisture has been identified, we will create a detailed drying plan to reduce it to target levels. We’ll utilize dehumidifiers and air movers as necessary to expedite this process.

Our commercial mold removal experts are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), meaning we will follow proper protocols to guarantee a job is done accurately and safely.

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