A sewage backup is an unfortunately common occurrence that can do extensive harm to both your property and health. It’s essential to know that sewage contains harmful bacteria and viruses which could make you ill, so it’s best to contact an IICRC-certified water damage company like ours for cleanup services.

Our team will use the necessary equipment to safely remove raw sewage and disinfect your home or business. Contact us now for your FREE estimate!

Our Professional Sewage Backup Cleanup Services

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Sewage backup is an increasingly common issue that can be caused by a ruptured sewage pipe, toilet overflow, or drain blockage. When this happens, call our qualified professionals right away to get the situation under control.

Our IICRC-certified technicians are fully experienced to safely manage any mess. Using protective personal equipment, we’ll inspect your home or building and remove any sewage waste before we start cleaning it up.

We will then disinfect your home and ductwork to protect you from bacteria. Furthermore, we’ll eliminate the odor and prevent mold growth.

We will also assist you with filing a claim with your insurance company.

Sewage is a hazardous type of water that should only be handled by certified and experienced disaster restoration specialists. It contains biohazard materials and bacteria which pose serious health risks if not addressed promptly.

Residential Sewage Backup Cleanup Indianapolis

A sewage backup is a serious issue that can result in property damage and even health risks. This type of harm occurs when sewer mains fail, floods occur, or toilets overflow – an urgent need for action!

We will remove the mess, eliminate the smell, disinfect, and sanitize damaged areas to prevent mold growth. Once our professionals have finished with cleanup, we will dry your home or commercial building so we can begin the water damage repairs.

Sewage backups can be one of the most challenging types of water damage to clean up, as raw sewage contains highly hazardous contaminants that should only be handled by trained professionals who know how to do it safely and correctly.

That is why it is essential to contact us when there has been an incident. We will clean up the mess, take away the sewage, and sanitize any affected areas so your Indianapolis home or business can be restored back to a healthy state of sanitation.

Commercial Sewage Backup Cleanup Indianapolis

Sewage backups can cause extensive damage, including structural problems to your commercial building. That’s why it’s essential to have us handle this situation.

Our commercial sewage backup cleanup services are tailored to ensure your property is restored back to its pre-damage condition as quickly as possible. We specialize in extracting contaminated water, disinfecting your structure, and sanitizing all surfaces.

Once the water has been removed, we will dry out the affected area and try to recover any materials damaged due to sewage. Additionally, we take necessary steps to avoid mold growth and further deterioration of your property.

Our sewage backup cleanup crews are outfitted with protective gear to keep us safe from the hazardous waste they encounter. This prevents us from cross-contaminating ourselves, helping ensure the safety of both your property and employees.

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