Water leaks from broken pipes, malfunctioning dishwashers, or rain-related floods can cause extensive property damage and unexpected costs. They also disrupt business operations with no warning.

When water damage strikes, it’s essential to reach out for our professional assistance as soon as possible. Mitigation helps contain the initial impact, minimize secondary harm, and prevent mold growth from spreading.

Our Professional Water Mitigation Services

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Water damage can have a devastating effect on your home or business, leading to substantial property loss. Furthermore, it encourages mold growth – an issue that poses serious health risks to residents and employees alike.

Our Indianapolis water mitigation specialists are highly trained in flood restoration, so you can restore your property back to its former glory. Whether due to a plumbing leak, burst pipe, or storm flooding, our team is available to get the job done promptly and effectively.

Our professional and experienced water removal specialists are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment to extract excess moisture from hardwood floors, carpeting, padding, tile floors, crawl spaces, basements – or any other area in your home or business that has been affected by water.

Residential Water Mitigation Indianapolis

When your home has experienced flooding, it’s best to contact us immediately. We can dry out your property and prevent mold growth or other health problems from developing in untreated areas of water damage.

We will not only dry your property, but we’ll also assess the extent of any damage. For instance, a basement with one to two inches of standing water can affect carpets, drywall, baseboards, and even some structural elements in your home.

We can either repair or replace damaged materials depending on the type of water. The cost for repairing or replacing water-damaged items varies based on the size, type, and length of time they were submerged in water.

Commercial Water Mitigation Indianapolis

Water can be a devastating source of damage to buildings, both residential and commercial. While some losses can be contained with professional emergency restoration services, others are catastrophic, leading to costly repairs, lost productivity, and more.

Flooding, plumbing leaks, sewage backups, and appliance leaks are all causes of commercial water damage that must be addressed promptly to avoid the situation becoming worse.

Water that comes into contact with a building’s structure can wreak havoc on electrical systems, drywall, and flooring – which is why hiring our experienced structural drying team is so essential.

Mold can develop a serious issue if water isn’t extracted and dried quickly after flooding. This poses serious risks, such as permanent damage to carpets, furniture, rugs, and wall coverings in addition to serious health hazards for those inside the building.

Our expert water mitigation team will complete the job promptly and efficiently! We’ll assess the damage, devise a plan of action, and restore your property back to its original condition.

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At our business, we provide a range of water mitigation services such as removing flood water, cleaning up spilled liquids, fixing plumbing, and more.

We offer commercial property restoration, water/flood damage repair, mold remediation, and fire/smoke damage repair. To learn more about our services or receive a free estimate, contact us now!

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